Investment Strategy & Methodology

Investment Strategy & Methodology

At ABC Capital, our investment strategy & methodology involves both quantitative and qualitative fundamental factors. We also use both a top-down and a bottom-up approach to invest in different asset classes based on our views of the local and global business cycle.


In particular, our foreign portfolios are constructed and managed according to a well-defined process as summarized below:

Through our meticulous strategy, we ensure that portfolio are constructed based on the client’s return objective and risk tolerance with a particular focus to risk-adjusted returns such that the client’s portfolio offers the maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk.

Foreign Portfolio Construction

'Use of quantitative and qualitative screening in constructing and managing our foreign portfolios'
  •  Thorough risk-return profiling on potential investments in fund universe
  • Emphasis on risk-adjusted returns with a focus on funds with higher Sharpe ratios
  • Efficient diversification of portfolio by maintaining correlation matrix

Fund selection process

'Rigorous screening of Fund Managers'
  • Investment philosophy and Process Review
  • Organisation, structure and Personnel
  • Research abilities and frequency of publication of reports
  • Track record of performance and risk factors
  • Fee Structures